Quotes from Ink Industry Experts about the New Printing Ink Handbook

The old Handbook was last published in 1988 and was about 100 pages. The new book is over 250 pages, and full of great and up to date information! This represents a virtual re-write of the original book. We plan to place a copy in the library of every INX location. This book will be great to help educate customers, technical people and sales reps. This will be a great item to give to every new employee to help them learn about our industry and products.
Joe Cichon - INX International Ink Company

The new NPIRI Printing Ink Handbook is an excellent addition to our library. We plan to use it to supplement our technical training programs for new and existing employees.
Joe Schlinkert - Color Resolutions International, LLC

The collaborative effort of NAPIM and the NPIRI Board of Directors to update the Printing Ink Handbook was clearly time well spent based on the result…. The Printing Ink Handbook is a must-have for any company involved with the graphic arts industry.
Rich Czarnecki - Printing Ink Expert

I have to say the newest edition of the Printing Ink Handbook looks great. When I was coming up in the industry there weren’t many technical publications suitable for the intern in printing ink. Many of the publications were geared around scientific chemical compositions and generally confused the common people. The Printing Ink Handbook on the other hand brought simple and concise information regarding the many facets of the industry, in a language understandable to just about everyone. Our company used the older version of the Printing Ink Handbook as a training tool with the younger ink technicians. The new version is significantly larger than it’s previous version including many newer technologies. This is no doubt a must have to any technical library at not only a printing ink manufacturer but any professional in the printing industry.
Pete Notti - Ink Systems

Table of Contents

Introduction  Chapter 9 - Lithograhic Inks
Chapter 1 - Overview Chapter 10 - Flexographic Inks
Chapter 2 - Printing Processes  Chapter 11 - Gravure Inks
Chapter 3 - Ink Formulation Chapter 12 -Non-Impact Inks
Chapter 4 - Raw Materials Chapter 13 - Other Printing Proc/Inks
Chapter 5 - Substrates Chapter 14 - Ink Testing
Chapter 6 - Manufacturing Chapter 15 - H,S & E Issues
Chapter 7 - Rheology Glossaries
Chapter 8 - Color