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The National Printing Ink Research Institute Technical Conference is the preeminent venue for technical training, information exchange and professional networking in the graphic arts disciplines.  The NPIRI Technical conference offers a wide variety of educational and networking opportunities in an informal, relaxed environment:

Tabletops and Supplier Spotlights:   This evening event occurs after the opening session of the conference.   Tabletop displays are provided by suppliers of all types of graphic arts raw materials and services at a two and half hour hosted evening reception. Concurrent with the Tabletop displays, mini-promotional presentations (10-12 minutes) are conducted by suppliers and vendors.  This is an unparalleled networking opportunity.  

Technical Sessions:   Technical presentations on topics of interest to graphic arts raw material suppliers and vendors, ink manufacturers, printers and brand owners are the mainstay of this event.  The topics are carefully selected annually by a committee of experts from the NAPIM membership.    These sessions typically covers areas like graphic arts raw material supply issues,  overall graphic arts industry issues (e.g. market growth, size, etc.), regulatory developments and state of the art technical presentations.  Attendees will be exposed to a wide array of issues that are not covered in any other seminars.

The NPIRI Technical Conference is specifically designed to allow for maximum educational and networking opportunities with a minimal time commitment.   The topics selected for this conference will insure that Conference attendees will take with them a current, accurate and more comprehensive understanding of the important technical, market and regulatory issues facing our industry.  Become a more valuable employee – attend the NPIRI Technical Conference!


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