Member Benefits

NAPIM Member Companies Will Be Able To:

  • Access to member benefits for all employees
  • Address issues that affect the ink industry across the board
  • Participate in establishing industry wide testing procedures.
  • Interact with key organizations such as ISO, CGATS, and ASTM
  • Collaborate with others in the industry
  • Participate on technical committees, task forces and event planning committees
  • Influence and provide input to the development of environmental industry standards
  • Use of NAPIM’s logo on your website and your advertising materials
  • Be part of the Annual Environmental Summit with the National Environmental Health & Safety (NEHS)
  • Participate in an open forum for professional networking to advance common interests

NAPIM Member Companies Will Receive:

  • Support services available five days a week.
  • Help with technical, EHS, and business issues.
  • Onsite safety/regulatory audits are available for a nominal charge
  • Access to members only area of the NAPIM website
  • Member discounts rates for all NAPIM events and materials
  • All NAPIM Bulletins
  • Education and training through the well established Summer Course on Printing Ink Technology
  • A listing on the NAPIM website with a link to your company website
  • A listing under the “Find an Ink Supplier”
  • Free registration for the newly established Bio-derived Renewable Material Content (BRC) program

NAPIM will:

  • Act as a watchdog for correcting inaccurate printing ink information on the internet
  • Is a liaison with European associations, such as EUPia.
  • Keep abreast of technological advancements through the National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI)
  • Direct reports from liaisons with other related trade associations such as IDEAlliance, PIA-GATF, GAA, FTA, SGAI, NAPL
  • Keep up to date with changing environmental, health, and safety regulations
  • Provide legal contacts in Washington DC who work for the benefit of the ink industry on key governmental issues
  • Ensure that your concerns are represented in communications with the government’s environmental agencies
  • Assist your customers with following sustainable practices through the SGP program