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2017 NAPIM Printing Ink Handbook, 7th Edition 

An introductory level technical primer intended for people working in the printing ink industry - ink manufacturers, suppliers, printers, students, and people related to the industries (paper, press manufacturing, pressroom chemistry, etc.) and print buyers. This book is a revision in content and organization of the 6th edition published in 2010 and reflects the many changes that have taken place in raw materials, formulation techniques, product requirements and new printing technologies.

Single Copy: $110
2-9 Copies: $100
10+ Copies: $90

Single Copy: $160 2-9 Copies $130 10+ Copies $115

Bar Code:  Ink Manufacturers - Graphics Industry Bar Code (GIBC/2) Specification Manual

The Graphic Communication Association (GCA) has now produced a specification manual (2nd edition) and it is available from NAPIM or GCA.

$36 $48

Drug Screening in the Work Place 

Provides an introduction to the basic principles of drug screening; outlines some of the legal implications and liabilities, and provides cautions and guidance to companies planning to institute a Drug Screening Program.

$25 Not Available
Introduction to Printing Ink

A 12- page booklet designed to help improve the understanding of printing ink. This illustrated booklet is intended to give a simple overview of ink - what it is and how it is used.

$6 $10

Lock out / Tag out Rule - Control of Hazardous Energy Sources

This document provides a program which can be adapted to individual locations for compliance with the requirements of OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (Lock out/Tag out Rule) - 29CFR 1910.147.

$75 $150
Raw Materials Data Handbook, Volume 4 - Pigments - 3rd Edition

This 2018 version is an update of the second edition. This handbook covers information on organic and inorganic pigments. Data sheets give physical properties, regulatory information and other significant characteristics. Pigments are identified by generic colour index names and include CAS Registry number and name where available.

$275 $475
Vertical Post Mixer Safety DVD

This important training tool explains and demonstrates the safety features and safe operating procedures prescribed in the 2006 ANSI Safety Standard B177.2 Printing Ink Vertical Post Mixers. NOTE: may be combined with the Three-Roll Mill video.

Additional Copies $35 
Additional Copies $140 
2014 3 Roll Mill Safety DVD

BRAND NEW training tool that gives a great overview of the safety techniques for the Three Roll Mill.  A Must have for all who work with these machines on a daily basis.

$100 $150
Pocket Pal, 20th Edition, International Paper - 2007

Since it's debut in 1934, the Pocket Pal has been the authoritative introduction to the graphic arts for many artists, graphic designers, publishers, advertisers, students, and buyers of print.

$25 $35
NAPIM Dress Shirt

100% Cotton Dress Shirts that are sure to catch eyes.

$49 $59

Made from durable performance fabrics. Available in Royal Blue and Black

$39 $49
NAPIM Wind-shirt

Pullover design, great for the NAPIM golf Outings!

$69 $79
Thriving in a Multigenerational Workplace

With five generations in the workplace at the same time, it’s important to realize that people are wired differently simply based on the year they were born. When you understand how each generation thinks, their relationship to the workplace, and where they place their priorities, it makes life easier for everyone.

$15 $25