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 The 2019 NPIRI Technical Conference Insights:

This year’s NPIRI Technical Conference will have business, technical and regulatory topics covering issues of current interest and importance to the printing ink and graphic arts industries.  No other industry event provides this detailed, granular level focus on ink and printing. The structure of the Technical Conference mirrors the current industry interest areas.  

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Keynote Spotlight:

Our Keynote speaker for this year’s Technical Conference is Dave Sullivan.  Dave is the “Major Market Manager” for SAPPI North America and has more than 30 years in print, distribution and paper manufacturing. 

Dave’s topic for the keynote presentation is the “Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand-A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch”.

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Two Sides

On a recent holiday to Prince Edward Island, I was served a drink with a paper straw…the first paper straw I have seen in a long time!  I could hardly contain my excitement and began talking to the waitress about my “paper” life. She responded

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New Members


Trade Issues & the Printing Ink Industry


NAPIM has been working with both  its members and related trade associations to identify raw materials potentially affected by future tariff actions.   NAPIM has prepared and submitted a number of the  requests for tariff exclusions to the Office of the United States Trade  Representative. 

For more information contact George Fuchs at the NAPIM office. 

Alumni Association

NAPIM is looking for volunteers to be on a new Alumni Association Committee. We are looking for volunteers who are alumni to NAPIM. If you are interested in being a part of this committee please contact Hannah Peterson at [email protected]


Summer Course Review


The NAPIM 2019 NPIRI Summer Course held at “The Sonoco Institute” at Clemson University in South Carolina was a great time for everyone that attended.  The event took place July 14th-19th.  This is the only training course that covers in detail, the formulation, testing and application of printing inks linked to raw material characteristics.  The course has been in existence for over a half century and organized by NAPIM/NPIRI.   

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Summer Course Attendees




Engage! Three Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent from Becoming Someone Else's

By: Lisa Ryan 

If you have had more than two jobs in your career, you have probably had several bosses to go along with those positions.  Most manager personalities can be broken down into three categories. I like to call them my “A-Team” because they all begin with a letter A.

The first type of boss is the awesome boss.  When you think about your favorite boss of all time, what characteristics does that person possesses?  Some common traits include “trustworthy,” “has my back,” “challenges me,” “approachable,” and “fun to be around.”

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