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NAPIM Regulatory Updates

State-based Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Legislation

Proposed EPR legislation in New York state seeks to impose bans without de minimis levels on the use of twelve chemicals (including carbon black and benzophenone) used in printed packaging (plastic and paper) and three rigid plastic packaging types. It also proposes creates a task force to make recommendations on additional substance bans. Similar EPR-type bills are being proposed in New Jersey and Maine.  Banning or restricting the presence of these essential packaging components would create serious problems for package printers and other in the packaging supply chain in New York state and elsewhere. NAPIM is working with a coalition of graphic arts industry and New York business groups (Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Printing United Alliance, RadTech, NY Business Council, International Carbon Black Association, etc. )  to oppose this legislation.  Please contact George Fuchs for more information.


Washington State Safer Products Legislation

In late 2023 Washington state proposed to ban the use of diarylide and phthalocyanine pigments in printing inks on the basis of inadvertent polychlorinated biphenyl (iPCB) content.  WA state was prevented from implemented these bans by federal pre-emption of PCB regulations contained in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  In early 2024 WA state filed a petition with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requesting a change in the federal PCB regulations.  On April 4, 2024 EPA formally denied WA state’s petition. Please contact George Fuchs for more information.

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